Eventful Day At The Hospital

While working at the Hospital doing some networking, a contractor finishing off the new floor inadvertently left his heat gun underneath the smoke alarm. You can guess what happened next…..



Luckily after our short break, we were allowed back in and service was resumed…..

IMG_00001214 IMG_00001215

Another successful networking job complete.

Mind the Gap!

How do you get an internet connection from one side of a concrete yard to another?


A question which may prove difficult to answer for some IT companies (think: those who drive around in Range Rovers and have flashy offices). Not for us…


A catenary was the solution. The tar plant was then linked to the weighbridge and the main offices.

A Dual Projection System at a Local Hospital

You’ve heard of a single projection system in a room before, well this is a dual projection system. Both need to show the same image at the same time to both sides of the conference room. A conference room, I might add, that will be used by some of the highest level staff at the NHS trust.

This is what we started with….a plain room

IMG_00000172 IMG_00000168 IMG_00000169  IMG_00000166 IMG_00000164   IMG_00000162 IMG_00000177 IMG_00000175 IMG_00000176 IMG_00000174

And ended with….

IMG_00000363a IMG_00000364a