How do I know if an email is suspicious?

emailMany people ask us how they can stay safe online, more specifically, how can they tell if an email is suspicious.

Using the information below, it will help you identify which emails are genuine and which are not:

  • The ‘from’ name and email address on close inspection do not seem genuine
  • The email is addressed to something generic, such as “Valued Customer” instead of your real name
  • The email has an urgent tone, catching your attention and encouraging you to act without thinking
  • The email contains poor spelling and grammar, or re-purposes genuine emails from your bank
  • The email prompts you to click on links to login to your account.This may, for example, take you to a fake replica of your bank’s website. Legitimate links from your bank will not take you directly to the online banking login page
  • There is a form attached to the email, possibly containing malware. A genuine email from a bank would never attach a form to fill out in an email
  • The URL looks genuine, but when you hover over it you can see it’s a domain that is trying to look like your bank
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