RDP over Win7

You can use these settings to connect to your work PC using a Microsoft Windows 7/8 device.

They assume that you have already requested to have remote access set up.

1. Press the Start button or the Windows Key on the keyboard and type MSTSC and press Enter


2. Enter the external address and port number you have been given, eg, pct-xxxxxx.pctrends.com:33xxx


3. Press Connect


4. Then press Connect again which will bring up this screen


5. Click on the Use another account option, this ensures that you will be using the correct user name and password.


6. Enter the details you have been given then press OK

7. Finally, click Yes when prompted as per below


8. You are now connected!

Please Note: If you encounter any difficulty setting this up, please check your OWN internet on your device and please make sure you have requested and received the remote access details.

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