What is Backup?

What is Backup?

Backup automatically mirrors everything you’ve chosen from your system; your data is ready to access at any time, from anywhere and exactly as you left it.

Working in the background, backup is your safety net and enables you to retrieve your important data, even if you accidentally delete or don’t save it. You control how it works and when and how often you backup. Whether this is when you turn your device on, or connect to the internet, backup gives you complete piece of mind that your data is safe.


Why backup?

Backup is like an insurance policy. Working in the background, it ensures that your data is safe whenever you may need to access it.

Flexible and predictable, you can add more users or capacity as your business grows, and with unlimited licences for one cost, you can budget for this growth with confidence.

Backup is quick and effortless, working as you work and only on the changes that you make.


Why Choose PC Trends Ltd?

Not everyone works from one location, that’s why our Backup is accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

With prices from £5.99 for 50GB you know you are getting a great deal.

Contact us for more information.

0191 303 8237

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