Windows Server 2003 End of Life is Coming Are You Ready?

As you may have heard, the planned EOL (end of life) for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is around the corner. From July 14, 2015, if you run a Windows Server 2003 platform, it’ll no longer receive security updates. This has the potential of leaving your network open to zero-day viruses, or without support!


Note RM networks may be affected too! CC3 networks, and early adopters of RM’s CC4, may be running Windows Server 2003 as well. These servers will need replacement too, so it’s a great time to get rid of RM and move to a more robust, reliable “plain” Windows network!


If you’ve lost heart with RM, our Windows 2012 solutions might be the answer. Support is easily available from your usual supplier. Don’t feel tied to RM because it’s all the person who sold it to you knew about – Windows networks are used by schools and businesses throughout the world, and without additional layers of software on top slowing things down, your computers will feel like new.


We can probably have your network installed, up and running, in less time than it takes our competitors to prepare a quote! Our server solutions are currently powering schools in Hartlepool, Durham and Cleveland. We’ve a wide spread of experience across the education and business sectors throughout the North of England – references are available on request.


We’re CRB checked, and have technicians available 24/7 – so if you want your network sorting out of hours to keep disruption to a minimum that’s no problem.


Call: (0191) 303 8237



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